What We're About

DCR is made of people who care about what we do, the impact our business has on our customer’s business and the residual effects on our environment.

We began providing managed services back in 1998, to one major OEM, and have come along way since then; to be known as the provider of ITAD of choice in the OEM, Financial and Reseller communities. Our corporate and public sector customers have come to rely on DCR for compliance to data security, environmental disposition and re-marketing abilities; the entire breadth of Asset Disposition.

Building customer loyalty isn’t easy and takes years of repeated meeting and exceeding expectations. We pride ourselves on our very successful, long term relationships born from collaboration and customised solutions. We’re used to customising and adapting, proactively identifying areas where the desired end result can be achieved in a more cost effective and technically more robust manner.

Certified as the first ITAD provider in Eastern Canada to be OES approved, ISO certifications, Environmental Stewardship initiatives such as being 100% Clean Energy powered differentiates us and confirms DCR as a leader worthy of our customer’s trust. The most important thing to know about DCR is that we’re a company made of people who have a passion for excellence and are committed to earning your repeat business

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Andrew Reid



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Steve Byrne

V.P. Business Development, Marketing, Sustainable Intiatives


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Jennifer Reid



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Anthony Spataro

Director of Sales


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Kyle Thatcher

Manager, Asset Management


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Cindy Nickerson

Sales Administrator


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Chris Lloyd-Smith

Logistics Manager


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Stephen Hales

Product Operations Engineer


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